Credit Catalogues

Catalogues with credit are ideal for anyone who wishes to do their online shopping and pay for it at a later date. Catalogue shopping has been established in the UK for a few decades now and only in the last 5 years has it really emerged into a dominant force on the internet. The advantages of this kind of shopping are that you get to shop from home, with good product comparisons, secure payment and easy examination of products.

The examination can be done easier than in a major store as you can take your time and not worry about getting back to your car. Another advantage is most catalogue services offer more products for sale than major stores as well as many discounts that are only available online. Regular customers get frequent rebates and offers too. Other advantages include easy replacement of defective goods and quick answer to your enquiries during standard working hours. Many of these companies have a long history. To gain the trust from public, business values are practiced with care.

Bad finance should not stop you from shopping. Buy now pay later catalogues with credit aid people with a bad credit rating. You can shop anything from clothes to jewellery and gadgets. Products like furniture, house hold appliances and electric appliances come with a warranty. For products that do not come with a warranty and are damaged, they can be exchanged within a given timeframe. These catalogues can be browsed all day and night, online. With the online facilities, the consumer gets to see enlarged images of the products along with the product description, summary of the product and product review and ratings. Even when you run short of money or have a bad finance, shopping with a buy now pay later catalogue is possible. A few such catalogues are listed below.

Empire Store
These catalogue services have a history of over 175 years. Their customer satisfaction is said to equal to none in the industry. Their prices are said to be well within the budget of a good percentage of the consumers. They sell clothing of all important brands along with home decor products, electrical products and sports goods. They offer interest free credit and amazing repayment schemes. If a consumer is not satisfied with the goods purchased, he can return it within 14 days, totally free of cost.

With littlewoods there are free deliveries and discounts on every first order. They offer branded clothing for men, women and kids apart from home needs, appliances, accessories and sports goods. The site also has a guide to help people who are new to online shopping. They offer free delivery and free returns. On purchase of over 50 pounds, you can choose to pay nothing for 12 months. Interest can be avoided by paying the full amount at the end of free payment period.

Kays Lifestyle
Kays lifestyle offer a huge range of products and their prices are very competitive. Their delivery is free. They also have interest free credit. All the sales come with a commission for cash back. The payment free period can be decided by the buyer, while purchasing the product. The interest rate will be charged from the date of purchasing the product.

A womens fashion catalogue offering mens and womens clothing as well as electricals, home furniture and more. They also offer buy now pay later for up to 12 months to their customers wishing to buy from their catalogue on finance.

With the help of buy now pay later catalogues; there is no need to fret over immediate requirements, when you are out of cash. They are helpful especially during festivities when our requirements are more.