Catalogues with Finance

Catalogues which offer credit are in plentiful supply. Catalogues with credit are home shopping catalogues which allow their customers the option to buy on credit. This means that a customer can buy an item now and pay nothing for a arranged period, interest free. There are a number of catalogues with credit which offer this buy now pay later option, with some allowing their customers the chance to buy now and pay nothing till 2013.

If you are looking for a catalogue which offers credit then there are a number of different types to choose from. Most catalogues have a range of products including fashion, electricals, home furniture, jewellery, games, toys and makeup. However, most catalogues specialise in a certain area with some offering better deals on womens clothing or televisions for example.

Womens Catalogues with Credit

Womens catalogues that offer credit specialise in womens fashion, clothing and lingerie. These womens catalogues range from offering petite size clothing to plus size clothing and clothing for mature women.

  • Fashion World
  • Marisota
  • Simply Be
  • The Brilliant Gift Shop
  • JD Williams

Mens Catalogues with Credit

Although the online shopping catalogue market isn’t quite as big for men as it is for women, there are still a few catalogues that specialise in mens fashion. These include Jacamo, High and Mighty, Freemans, JD Williams, Burton’s and Premier Man. Each one of these mens catalogues offer buy now pay later options on mens clothing, including mens jackets, shoes, jeans, shirts and suits.

Electrical Catalogues with Credit

Here we have a list of catalogues with credit that offer buy now pay later options on electricals including tv’s, desktops, laptops, ipads, dvd and blu rays players, mobile phones, and cameras.

TV’s Fashion World Simply Be
Digital Cameras JD Williams Littlewoods
Laptops Very K and Co
Desktops House of Bath Simply Be
iPad 2′s Fashion World Ambrose Wilson
DVD and Blu ray Simply Be ISME
Mobile Phones The Brilliant Gift Shop Julipa

Pretty much all the catalogues offer these products so don’t feel that you have to get a laptop from K and Co or Very. In this table we have simply shown the catalogues which tend to have the best deals for buying on credit for the specific product.

Home Furniture on Credit

There are a number of online shoopping catalogues which offer home furniture such as sofas and beds on credit. The House of Bath catalogue seems to be the only catalogue with credit that specialises in home furntiure though. Nevertheless you can find home furniture and home appliances such as cookers, fridges and freezers from any of the catalogues listed above for womens, mens or electrical catalogues. The catalogues with credit that offer the best deals on home furniture are Fashion World, Littlewoods and Simply Be.