Fashion World

Fashion world wants your shopping experience to be second to none. We also strive for our customers to be well informed throughout their entire shopping process, from credit application and approval through to the satisfactory arrival of your purchases.

For our valued and registered on-line customers we ask that you view our comprehensive credit account of terms and conditions. Please note that as a preapproved credit account customer, your interest rate is set at 34.1% per annum variable. If you our valued on-line customer pays for your on-line purchases in full before the due date shown on the statement to which the goods and services are to be charged, there will be no interest charged to your account. Otherwise interest will be calculated daily by adding the interest to your outstanding balance of your account and will reflect such interest in your account statement.

Other terms and conditions are to include the understanding that all on-line transactions are between Fashion World and the registered customer. Fashion world reserves the right to terminate any agreements at any time per the Consumer Credit Act of 1974. If any payments fail to satisfy any payment due, Fashion World reserves the right to add and administrative charge to your account. Fashion World reserves the right to, after giving written notice, may allow you if you wish to omit the minimum payment shown on your statement for a period of time we specify. I this case, credit charges will continue to accrue under this agreement.

Fashion World may offer our valued on-line customers to purchase goods with our option to defer repayments through our buy now pay later option for a noted period (“BNPL”). Within this credit option, charges will be applied from the date of purchase; however, you will not be required to make the minimum payments for those purchases until the date specified to you at the time of your invite to use BNPL. The exact amount of any minimum payment required will be clearly indicated on your statement. Fashion Worlds valued on-line customers reserve the right to pay off the remaining balance as originally required, if desired.

New on-line credit account customers will be researched through authorized credit reference agencies, agreeing to supply us with your credit information. Fashion World values your right to person and business data protection from other third-party organizations or individuals. Fashion World credit searched of your credit history may be linked to and used by J D Williams & Company Limited. If Fashion World enters a credit agreement with you, we will in addition provide account details of our joint agreement to the credit reference agencies. We will also provide ongoing details of your account with additional information on how you manage it. If any Fashion World on-line customer fails to provide a satisfactory balance, in a timely manner, or pay in full, Fashion World will provide your delinquent account to the credit reference agencies.

To our valued Fashion World on-line customers, please review the following Delivery Service terms and conditions.
All on-line ordered merchandise is assumed to be in stock. All in stock, on-line ordered merchandise will be to the best that circumstances allow, will be delivered directly to your door within 3 to 5 business days. Items such as special order, may take longer to deliver as well as heaver items such as furniture.