Fifty Plus Shopping Catalogue

Fifty Plus has a most popular payment method in which, when you become an excepted credit client, you will be send a statement and payment slip every 28 days. Your statement will indicate your items purchased, payments you have made, any outstanding balance due, your minimum payment, and the date your payment is due. Once Fifty Plus opens a credit account for you, your welcome statement will indicate your credit limit. Your credit account will require a minimum payment no later than every 28 days.

Fifty Plus here establishes Terms and Conditions between said company and registered credit accepted on-line customer. Fifty Plus here claims right to terminate this agreement at any time in accordance with Consumer credit Act of 1974. The customer has the right to cancel this agreement free of charge at any time provided one month advance notice. If for any reason Fifty Plus customers cannot provide timely payment toward account balance, customer should contact customer service as soon as possible to discuss payment arrangement arrangements.

Fifty Plus offers to certain on-line customers a unique Buy Now Pay Later purchasing option (“BNPL”) Within this option, credit charges and payments of purchase will not need to pay paid for those purchases until a date specified by our credit department. This amount will be indicated on your statement. The option to pay your balance in full will always be an option available to our customers.

One of Fifty Plus’ most common payment account methods is the Personal Account, option. If you are already an existing on-line and valued customer, please feel free to log-in to view your options and conditions that relate to your specific account.

Fifty Plus credit accounts department will send their customers a comprehensive payment statement every 28 days. Your statement will indicate what items you have purchased, the payments you have made during that period as well as current balance owed, your minimum payment, and the date your payment is due and any interest or fees, if applicable.

Fifty Plus Delivery Service; provides registered on-line customers receive assumed in-stock orders directly to their door with-in 3 to 5 business days. Certain items such as special order and over-sized purchases may require longer. Fifty Plus reserves the right to charge additional costs to cover any additional cost of packaging and/or posting for each order. Additionally, larger items may incur additional delivery services and charges to cover such additional processes. Fifty Plus customers, please note orders must be placed before 5:00 pm Monday through Friday. Orders that are processed after, or on the weekend, will be processed one day later. This service is only available with-in our courier areas and is subject to availability.

On the rare occasion a Fifty Plus customer requires to return an item, a simple returns policy and process is available, assuming the product remains in new condition, and is returned back to Fifty Plus within 14- days of receipt. Every Fifty Plus delivery includes a courtesy note which lists its contents and options. If a return is desired, please select or note the reason for return from the back of the courtesy card. Please be sure to include this card with the returned merchandise, in new condition, with-in 14-days of receipt.