Shop online with Julipa and buy on credit. The Julipa Catalogue offer great discounts on clothing and fashion items as well as home furniture and electricals. Digging yourself into a financial hole with bad credit will basically relegate you to second-class status in today’s economy if are not careful with how you attend to your credit history. This is why online department stores like Julipa offer ‘Spread the Cost’ credit account payment options in order to help you buy the merchandise you want, and pay for it at a rate you can sustain.

It all begins with your application. In the process of applying for a credit account with an online store like Julipa, Julipa would review your credit history. You credit history details for potential creditors what your record is in terms of payment on time, paying your full balance, and other related issues. Depending on the store, you may be able to procure an agreement in which you pay on a monthly or weekly basis. In addition, many online catalogues offer a ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ option whereby you are granted a period of time after your purchase in which you do not have to make any payments. However, shoppers are well-advised to enter into these agreements with care—in order to not affect your credit rating, one must guarantee that the necessary funds will be available when the time comes to make a payment.
Julipa offers a spread the cost program that allows its shoppers to pay on credit. In this program, shoppers open a Personal Account (a credit account with the store) and receive a statement by post every 28 days that details:

• What items they’ve sent you
• The payments you’ve made during that period
• Any outstanding balance
• Your minimum payment
• The date your payment is due

Julipa will establish a credit limit with, based on the information that they view in your credit history. According to their website, it will be at least 100 pounds. Those with bad credit can expect that their credit limit will not be much above 100 pounds, which would limit your payment options with Julipa. However, a good credit history increases your credit limit, allowing you to buy more from the store on credit.

In order to maintain good credit with Julipa, you will have to make a monthly payment. If you do not make this monthly payment, this will affect your credit relationship with the store. However, if shoppers make their payments every month, Julipa may offer to reduce the minimum monthly payment. Remaining in good standing credit-wise with Julipa may reduce your minimum monthly payment to is as little as 5 pounds-per-month.

If shoppers do not make their payments consistently, then this may necessitate legal action on the part of the online catalogue. Eventually, a County Court Judgment (CCJ) may be brought against you and noted on your credit history. The UK website Credit Card Searcher defines a CCJ as the following on its website (here: http://www.creditsearcher.co.uk/features-1079474687.html):

An adverse ruling by a County Court (recorded against a persons credit history) when the person has not satisfied their debt payments with their creditors. CCJs will appear on an individuals credit record every time a credit search is done for the next six years.

Customers can choose to have these products delivered at varying rates, including standard delivery and next-day delivery.

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