PS3 on Finance

The PlayStation 3 was first announced by Sony Computer Entertainment in May 2005. It is the third in the Playstation line of home video game consoles made by Sony and was released in Japan on November 11, 2006. The console has a HD capability and Blu-ray player which makes it stand out from the other consoles on the market. Other major features include the online gaming service-PlayStation Network and its connectivity with the PlayStation Portable. A new version of the gaming console known as PlayStation Slim was launched in 2009, a slimmer console with lower sound levels during game-play.

A number of catalogues offer great credit services to purchase the console on a buy now pay later basis. Such credit schemes enable them to lure first-time customers who may be deterred by the price of the gaming consoles. Payments for the PS3 can be staggered to allow for people belonging to different age-groups and income-groups to purchase them. They can be purchased by cash on credit direct from these catalogues.


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They serve as a source of entertainment for people of all ages and a number of games have been built which appeal to various age-groups.