Xbox 360 on Credit

Do you want an Xbox 360 with all the essential accessories really badly? Are you strapped for cash? Or, maybe your credit score is a little less than ideal?

You can find Xbox 360′s on credit from any of these online catalogues.

  1. Littlewoods
  2. Jacamo
  3. The Brilliant Gift Shop

Or, maybe you’re a hardcore gamer with an appetite for the hottest new titles and a budget that just won’t cooperate.
Several major online catalogues in the UK recognize that your gaming appetite doesn’t always wait even though money might be dragging you down, and that is why they offer Buy Now, Pay Later financing as an option for online shoppers.

Buy Now, Pay Later financing allows you to buy the product you want, and pay for it later in monthly installments. For an expensive purchase like an Xbox 360, this could be an especially attractive option, allowing you to spread the payment over a period of time. Suddenly, hot new titles like Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary and Assassins Creed Revelations are a step closer to your living room, along with hot accessories like the Xbox 360 Headset and the Xbox 360 Wireless Controller! The amount you have to pay depends on interest rates, the value of the order, and what sort of payment plan you select. It’s also important to bear in mind that monthly payments and interest rates vary from catalogue to catalogue, depending on what sort of Buy Now, Pay Later agreement you enter into.

Take for example. Very allows you to buy the item you want at no cost, and spread the payments over a period of 3 months, interest free. Customers have the option to spread the payments over a longer period of time, but this option will involve paying interest on top of the price of the item itself.

Littlewoods, along with Very, offers the option of waiting twelve months until you have to make your first payment with purchases of 50 pounds or more (100 pounds for Very). This is also a very attractive option if you’re anticipating having more money in the future. Maybe you’re planning a job change, or some other transition that will make money available to you in the future. Littlewoods offers you a full year to come up with the necessary money to pay off the item. That translates to a new Xbox 360 with hot new releases like Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and Star Wars: The Old Republic, and more than a year to pay it off! Be sure to be on the lookout for great deals that offer you extended interest-free periods or other discounts-often the catalogue will make a voucher code available to you that will allow you to access these great deals at check out.
Some catalogues also offer extra bonuses like free next-day delivery and free returns, if you don’t like the product. Many will also offer 10-20 percent off your first purchase, if you utilize the voucher code that they make available.

Also, Buy Now, Pay Later can be an excellent option for shoppers with bad credit. Many websites offer instant approval regardless of your credit rating. Utilizing this option provides a way to build your credit rating back up if you’ve gotten yourself into a hole credit-wise.